The Tragedy of Mental Health Stigma

Get help without fear.

Sounds simple enough, but getting mental healthcare help without fear can be very difficult for some people.

In fact, fear is a leading cause for not seeking mental healthcare. According to Mental Health America (MHA), “one out of five Americans will not receive the treatment they need. There are many reasons for the gap in care, but stigma and discrimination fall high on that list.”1

Sigma associated with mental healthcare comes primarily from a fear of being judged by others or a fear of appearing weak.2 Stigma also leads to discrimination in housing, employment, and education. Despite advances in how the brain works, cultural taboos about mental illness remain strong, causing people in need of care to suffer needlessly.

Young people, especially college-age students, are very susceptible and vulnerable to mental health stigma. Students’ willingness to seek treatment for their mental health issues are a complex mixture of “mental illness identity, shame, secrecy, public stigma, and disclosure amongst college students.”3 Further, “College students who experience suicidal thoughts are less likely to seek treatment if they go to school where there is a high level of stigma around mental health issues…”4

What can you or your loved ones do to overcome the stigma of mental healthcare?

PTI has the perfect solution to your fears. We offer the Virtual Psych Network™, or VPN™, which uses telecommunication technologies, such as videoconferencing from your computer or cellular phones, to put you in touch with one of our qualified mental healthcare professionals. Using VPN™, you can interact with your doctor while on a break at work, or from the convenience and privacy of your home. They will calm your fears about treatment and help you overcome the stigma by offering their services with complete doctor/client confidentially.

We are here! Don’t allow fear to stop you from getting the help you need and being in control of your mental health!

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