Frequently Asked Questions

What insurances do you accept?

Behavioral Health Systems (BHS)
LSU First (Preferred Provider)
UHC-Community Plan of LA
Workers Compensation 

I don’t see my insurance, does that mean I can’t be a patient?

We take several insurance plans. If you have any concern about insurance coverage for your visit, please email [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help determine if your insurance covers your visit.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

New client appointments are typically available within two weeks.

Can I just do telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is a great tool to help ensure you have access to PTI doctors and therapist. All PTI patient encounters will be virtual unless you and your doctor determines a need to go to a PTI location nearest you.

Why is my packet reviewed before an appointment is given?

New Client Packets are reviewed prior to an appointment being scheduled to determine if PTI can responsibly address your concerns. We respect your time and prefer to assist you in getting to a provider that may specialize in your specific needs. You are more than a copay at PTI.

I am prescribed a controlled substance, what happens now?

Clients that are prescribed a control substance at PTI are required to see their physician each month to ensure best practices.

Why won’t you just call in my stimulant or anxiety medicine?

Clients that are prescribed a stimulant or anxiety medications will not have a prescription called in without an appointment. This ensures best practices.

Why do I have to take a drug screen?

All new clients are subject to a urine drug screen to enhance quality of care and to ensure that we don’t prescribe medications that may cause an adverse reaction to anything you are currently taking. PTI patients can visit any Quest location and get a toxicology screening.

Who do you use for labs? I’m concerned about a large bill/out of network coverage.

PTI uses Quest for all laboratory services. These services are typically in network with most insurance carriers. PTI is not affiliated with Quest Laboratories.

What ages do you treat at PTI?

We accept clients from 5 years old through adulthood.

Is psychological testing covered by my insurance?

Testing coverage is insurance policy specific. A PTI representative will help you determine if your tests are covered.

I called and left a message, when will my phone call be returned?

Calls are typically returned within 48 hours. Urgent matters will be addressed first. Multiple calls will delay a PTI representative returning your call.

I need to change my pharmacy because they don’t have my medication in stock.

If the pharmacy does not have your medication in stock, we will send a prescription to the pharmacy of your choosing. Once you notify a PTI representative of the issue, we will make the change at the end of the business day.

Why won’t you give me the medicine I wan

We at PTI care very much about your success and well-being. Our prescribers will take your feedback into consideration to devise a specific plan for you but we are duty bound to justify our medical decisions by evidence-based practices. This may mean that we recommend a different regimen than one you may have previously experienced.

How long are therapy sessions?

Generally speaking, therapy sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Your insurance plays a factor in this but regardless of your insurance we will work with you until we achieve our goals.

How many therapy sessions can I have?

Our goal is to equip you with the tools you need to live life on your terms. This is driven by the goals we set together and your dedication to these goals. We do not want to have to depend on us long-term but we are there for you when needed.

Why are other doctors involved in my care?

Other PTI providers may be involved in your care plan to ensure you have the best opportunity to live life on your terms. Our team regularly meets to address difficult situations and gain better perspectives into your care.

Why did I get a discharge letter?

PTI clients may receive a discharge letter. This letter indicates that you have met all the goals we set in your treatment plan. You should expect to get one of these letters after each accomplishment. At times clients may receive a discharge letter indicating that they have established care with another provider or that they were non-compliant with their treatment plan. The letter serves as notice to another provider that you have concluded your treatment at PTI and they are free to work with you. It is not generally acceptable to concurrently receive healthcare services from the same type of healthcare professional.

Telepsychiatry FAQs

How does telepsychiatry work?

Simple: Download the Zoom app, click the link and speak to your PTI doctor from your computer or mobile device!

What technology is necessary?

Our services can be accessed from your cell phone, mobile device, or computer via the internet.

Can I have all of my PTI sessions virtually?


What services can’t be done via telepsychiatry?

Psychological Testing and Urine Drug Screens

Are sessions private and confidential?

Absolutely.  The signal is secure, but make sure you are in a location that meets your privacy concerns.

Are sessions ever recorded?

Our VPN sessions are never recorded.

Do I have to live in Baton Rouge to be a patient with PTI?

No, we are licensed state-wide. You must be physically in Louisiana at the time of the visit.

We accept insurance