5 Common Signs of an Anxiety Disorder

Everyone has anxiety on occasion. Stressful scenarios, pending unknowns, and major life transitions can leave even the calmest individuals feeling anxious. However, for those whose symptoms are chronic or debilitating, anxiety treatment can make a much-needed difference in daily life. If you experience the following, you could benefit from seeking help.

How to Identify an Anxiety Disorder

1. Un-sourced Agitation

It’s not uncommon to feel agitated if you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for a late paycheck. However, if you’re constantly frantic or irritated and can’t attribute it to any specific cause, an underlying anxiety disorder may be responsible.

2. Trouble Sleeping

Anxiety can make it challenging to both fall asleep and stay asleep. If you rarely get a good night’s rest anymore despite practicing healthy sleep hygiene, you may be a good candidate for anti-anxiety medication.

Anxiety Treatment Baton Rouge La.yx 7w3qdn3. Muscle Tension

Do you often find yourself clenching your jaw or balling your hands into fists before you realize what you’re doing? Untreated anxiety disorders can cause muscle tension that essentially feels involuntary.

4. Discomfort in Group Settings

People with social anxiety disorder are uncomfortable socializing in groups of virtually any size. They may find social settings so stressful, in fact, that they do everything possible to avoid them, often to the detriment of their long-term success and happiness. This includes declining invitations, limiting themselves to telecommuting, and only enrolling in online courses.

5. Irrational or Extreme Fears

In small doses, fear is a healthy emotion that’s necessary for the preservation of any species. However, an untreated anxiety disorder can lead to fears of situations that don’t pose legitimate threats, such as standing in line at the grocery store or talking on the phone.


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