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The Tragedy of Mental Health Stigma

Jan 24, 2020

Get help without fear.

Sounds simple enough, but getting mental healthcare help without fear can be very difficult for some people.

In fact, fear is a leading cause for not seeking mental healthcare. According to Mental Health America (MHA), “one out of five Americans will not receive the treatment they need. There are many reasons for the gap in care, but stigma and discrimination fall high on that list.”1

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The Stigma About Mental Health Care

Sep 28, 2017

With our health and our bodies, we understand that quality healthcare can be costly and time consuming, but it is worth the effort. Without proper care of mental illness, simple tasks and activities become increasingly difficult, creating barriers in our lives that keep us from happiness and wellbeing.

Surprisingly, many people are more reluctant to seek mental healthcare when they have a mental issue that negatively affects the quality of...
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Understanding Bipolar Disorder And Stigma

Jul 13, 2016

What are the biggest proponents of eliminating stigma and discrimination?  Advocacy and education.  We believe that for a community to move forward with regard to stigma, especially when it’s connected to mental health, a lot of the groundwork comes through one on one relationships and standing up for what’s right.  That’s why we do our best to put the client in the center of the treatment process and it’s also...
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Children’s Mental Health Overview

May 18, 2016

What if it was as accepted and “normal” to have a mental illness as a physical illness?  Mental health has a bad rap.  It’s had a bad rap for a long time– ever since we started putting people away, locking people up in asylums, and sweeping things under the carpet.  Things have gotten better, and we still have a long ways to go.

Awareness Comes First

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Overcoming Barriers To Getting Help

Feb 24, 2016

Our main mission at the PTI is to overcome barriers to you getting the help that you need.  If you look on the Who We Are page on our website, you’ll notice that the very first thing that you see is our focus on “transforming the perception of mental health.” 

There’s no question that there is a grand illusion of mental illness in our country.  Although the stigmas...
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Mental Illness and Shame

Jun 10, 2015

Two of our goals at the PTI is to raise awareness within the Northshore and Baton Rouge communities about mental health access and to reduce the shame and stigma associated with mental illness.  

A recent report by the Huffington Post noted that almost a third of Americans who suffer from mental illness choose not to seek treatment because of fear of judgment.  Simply talking about...
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