The Stigma About Mental Health Care

With our health and our bodies, we understand that quality healthcare can be costly and time consuming, but it is worth the effort. Without proper care of mental illness, simple tasks and activities become increasingly difficult, creating barriers in our lives that keep us from happiness and wellbeing.

Surprisingly, many people are more reluctant to seek mental healthcare when they have a mental issue that negatively affects the quality of their lives. Self-help web sites and other online tools can be good starting points for identifying your mental health challenges and brainstorming solutions, but only a qualified doctor can give you the tools you need to learn how to manage anxiety, understand your own behavior and seek self-improvement. Seeing a mental health professional is just as essential to overall wellbeing as seeing a physical health professional. Good mental health allows a person to live on their own terms, not the terms of their mood or psychiatric disorder.

Post-Trauma Institute offers psychological testing, medication, and talk therapy to confront your personal challenges. After all, if you want to be your optimal self, don’t let stigma and fear allow you to remain unhappy when you could be pursuing your full potential. Post-Trauma Institute will work with you and your insurance company to remove the cost barriers to the mental healthcare you need to live your life to the fullest. Contact us at (225) 751-5412 or click below to make an appointment with PTI today:

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