3 Common Myths About Mental Illness

Although mental illness has become more accepted in recent years, there are still many stigmas surrounding health conditions that can’t be visibly seen. For someone who needs anxiety or depression treatment, this can make it difficult for them to reach out for help. Here are just a few of the myths surrounding mental illness and the facts behind them.

What Are Some Falsehoods About Mental Illness?

1. It’s an Excuse for Poor Behavior

Unfortunately, there are people who believe behavior comes down to how a person was raised or how they choose to act. This has led to a real belief that mental illness is a fake condition others use to justify acting badly.

In reality, mental illness can drastically alter a person’s behavior and make them act in ways they wouldn’t normally. Many times, outbursts or avoidance that might arise because of their disorder will also make the individual feel ashamed and embarrassed, which can only worsen their symptoms if they aren’t receiving the proper anxiety or depression treatment.

Depression Treatment Baton Rouge La.ev Xm3yno2. Depression & Anxiety Happen to Everyone

While anyone can feel down or stressed from time to time, not everyone experiences actual depression or anxiety disorders. These mental illnesses are the result of chemical changes in the brain and body and are not due to having a bad day or feeling temporarily bothered by a work deadline or an argument with a spouse.

Individuals with depression or anxiety are undergoing a persistent change in mood that can make them feel constant sadness or worry. These ongoing feelings often manifest other symptoms, such as extreme fatigue or insomnia, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and weight loss or gain.

3. People With Mental Illness Are Dangerous

Millions of people, including many you see on a daily basis, receive anxiety or depression treatment or receive psychiatry help for one of the hundreds of known mental illnesses. Most people with a mental illness have mild to moderate symptoms that typically go unnoticed by everyone else. Individuals prone to violence or harmful behaviors are rare and often have extreme disorders, which is all the more reason for them to be able to receive treatment as early as possible.


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