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Mental Illness

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The Culture: Synergy and Heart

Feb 28, 2018

Our staff understands how hard finding balance between work and personal life can be. To develop synergy between these two most important facets of life is a key ingredient for successful treatment.

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Up a Creek? You Deserve a Paddle.

Nov 07, 2017

Do you ever feel like you’re caught in a raging river without a paddle? Professional and private life can be disrupted by external pressures or emotional triggers that affect the quality of your work and emotional well-being.

Potential triggers of stress and anxiety surround us; a divided political landscape and natural calamities like hurricanes, fires, and floods can make psychological well-being a formidable challenge. What can career-oriented people do to...
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Mental Health and Children

Jun 03, 2015

Here at the PTI, if there’s anything that we want the good people of Baton Rouge and Covington to know is that we’re here and we care.  We want to serve the people of our communities with the most up to date research and methods so that we can best care for those suffering from mental health issues, whether they are short or long term.  Something that we think...
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Mental Illness and Teenagers

Oct 15, 2014

Going along with last weeks blog, we wanted to spend a little time speaking on the teenage brain and how we can best support adolescents as they develop and mature.  Current research has focused a lot on these areas of brain development of teenagers and young adults, which explains why some mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, doesn’t develop and manifest until the early adult years.

In addition to...
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Raising Awareness on Eating Disorders

Oct 08, 2014

Eating disorders, of which there are many kinds, are a serious concern, especially amongst teens and young adults.  Oftentimes, eating disorders are present along with other medical or mental illnesses, and, in some cases, can be deadly.

Anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder characterized by eating, too small of portions, has an especially high mortality rate that is 18 times more likely than individuals of the same age who...
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Painkillers and Addiction

Sep 10, 2014

Although painkillers don’t always have a direct correlation to mental illness or mental health, we believe that it’s worth mentioning because of the prevalence of painkillers and their use across the board because they can affect someone’s physical and mental health if abused or used improperly.  

A recent article from US News and World Report cited a study from the Journal of Adolescent Health stating that...
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