In order to limit the exposure and transmission of Covid-19, PTI will be exclusively doing tele-psychiatry (virtual) visits. You will still have your appointment, you will just have to do it with our Virtual Psych Network (VPN™). Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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VPN: Intersection of Healthcare and the Workplace

Oct 29, 2019


The Post Trauma Institute (PTI) proudly offers perhaps the most significant innovation in mental healthcare assessment and care in Louisiana: the Virtual Psych Network™, or VPN™. With VPN™, PTI can provide remote delivery of outpatient healthcare services for employers and their workforces.


PTI still offers high-quality mental healthcare services through personal office visits, but has added the convenience of online assessment and care services through telecommunication technologies, such...
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Quality Mental Health Care Can Be Affordable

Sep 22, 2017

A doctor has the right to accept insurance plans or not, so not all do. But if a patient has insurance, why not see a doctor that does accept their insurance?

This question seems simple enough, but when it comes to mental healthcare, many people choose doctors who do not accept insurance. Many factors can come into play when choosing a doctor, of course, but this is a choice that...
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Testing For ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Jul 06, 2016

Have you ever wondered if you have ADHD?  What about your child?  Oftentimes, we might just write it off as “just a phase” or that we “need to buckle down.”  It’s easy to joke about having ADHD or making excuses for ourselves or our children, however, making sure that you have the correct diagnosis is the most crucial step towards actually getting better.

What if your child is...
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ADHD Testing For Your Child

Jun 29, 2016

What’s the first thing that might cue the potential for ADHD and its presence in your child’s psychology?  Answer?  Probably a dramatic drop in grades or perhaps a teacher’s comments around age 7.  As a parent, we know that you want the best for your child and that you wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned.  What if it wasn’t ADHD but a learning disability?

Benefits and Drawbacks of ADHD Testing...
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Children’s Mental Health Overview

May 18, 2016

What if it was as accepted and “normal” to have a mental illness as a physical illness?  Mental health has a bad rap.  It’s had a bad rap for a long time– ever since we started putting people away, locking people up in asylums, and sweeping things under the carpet.  Things have gotten better, and we still have a long ways to go.

Awareness Comes First

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Mental Health…There’s an App for That!

Jun 24, 2015

Here at the PTI, we take mental health and well being seriously.  It’s important to us to stay up to date on evolving technology and well-researched methods for dealing with mental illness.  It’s also important to acknowledge the interconnectedness and emphasis on technology that has occurred within our culture over the past ten years.  While we can’t endorse the use of any mental health app, we want to educate...
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