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New Mindset For The New Year


Are you ready for a change this New Year?

Anyone ever have trouble with motivation? Ding, ding, ding, The Price Is Right! That’s all of us, whether mental illness is part of the picture or not, we all are akin to the ups and downs of the emotions and circumstances that often dictate our drive and pursuit of a life worth living. When mental illness is part of the picture, the battle is that much harder because of this unseen, invisible force that exerts itself at-will upon us, and, most of the time, no one else really knows how bad it can get.

Here at the PTI, we believe in the ability of all people to make a conscious choice to take control of their lives regardless of their circumstances or mental health challenges. Sometimes that choice can be empowered through the help of doctors or therapists who are set on giving people tools to help overcome and to fight for improvement little by little. With mental health, there is rarely a “flip of the switch” solution and a night and day difference just around the corner. It’s more of a “we’re in it for the long run” approach with steps to success, some of which are little and some of which can be pretty big. The main thing that we want you to know is that we’re in your corner and we are in it for the long run and our main thing is always the main thing, to treat you right and to remove barriers to your optimal state of health.

Overcoming Barriers To Mental Health

One of the biggest barriers that we build up over time is engaging in conversation with our own worst enemy. You all know who I’m talking about! Our inner-critic, the voices of doom and gloom, the trumpets of past failures, and the heralds of future dreams and efforts wasted. Add that to mental illness, negative and unpleasant circumstances, unsupportive relationships, and social stigmas and you very quickly have a big uphill battle. If you don’t have the right tools, it’s going to be hard to even take the first step.

For us at the PTI, one of the main messages that we stand for is that you can be empowered to stay put in the driver’s seat and that you can make good decisions, build good habits, and take control of your health. You may be saying “It won’t work for me!” We’d suggest instead, “It’s worked for tons of other people, why not you?!” If you have nothing to lose then you have everything to gain.

First and foremost, we want to restore and empower people to believe that they can do it and that they can influence and build the life that they want. When you believe that it’s possible to take control, then you’re much more willing to take the right steps necessary to find success, even if it’s little successes to start out with. Success breeds more success and before you know it, positive momentum is in your favor and we’re here to help keep the ball rolling.

It’s not all positive-self talk, even though that is a good tool to have. We believe in having a full arsenal of tools to use. One of the more recent technological advances in the field of medicine is using a genetic test to figure out which drugs and medications will respond best to someone’s body chemistry. That means it only takes a weeks or a few months to start getting results from having the right combination of medication instead of waiting several months up to a few years to figure out what medications work best for you. That’s huge!!

Here at the PTI, we believe in having a team approach where we can communicate and figure out how to overcome barriers instead of just shooting in the dark and having each individual taking their best stab at the problem. We also believe in treating people with dignity and respect, and although that should be a given in any business, as you well know, it’s more the exception than the rule. We’re more interested in a partnership than a typical doctor-patient relationship, and with that mindset, by treating each person as an equal participant in their own recovery, we’ve found great success.

If you’re on the hunt for success this year, something new, and in need of some change, whether it’s big or small, give us a call. Studies have shown that the sooner mental health issues are addressed the better. That means less time, money, and energy is spent on you achieving your optimal state of health and you can get on with a life that you love. We’re standing by, ready, and willing to help make that happen.

Happy New Year!

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