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Up a Creek? You Deserve a Paddle.

Nov 07, 2017

Do you ever feel like you’re caught in a raging river without a paddle? Professional and private life can be disrupted by external pressures or emotional triggers that affect the quality of your work and emotional well-being.

Potential triggers of stress and anxiety surround us; a divided political landscape and natural calamities like hurricanes, fires, and floods can make psychological well-being a formidable challenge. What can career-oriented people do to...
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Veteran Suicide Update

Sep 15, 2016

Veteran suicide and PTSD studies are hot topics in the medical community.

According to the Huffington Post and a study conducted in 2014, about 20 veterans commit suicide each day, which is slightly lower to the previous estimate of 22 a day.

The most recent study, conducted by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, increased its scope from the previous, and oft-quoted “22 per day,” to include all 50 states...
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Painkillers and Addiction

Sep 10, 2014

Although painkillers don’t always have a direct correlation to mental illness or mental health, we believe that it’s worth mentioning because of the prevalence of painkillers and their use across the board because they can affect someone’s physical and mental health if abused or used improperly.  

A recent article from US News and World Report cited a study from the Journal of Adolescent Health stating that...
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PTSD Treatment: An Overview of Cognitive Therapy

May 08, 2014

Regularly implementing coping skills, confiding in significant relationships, and medication can be a big help in reducing or eliminating symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.  For many veterans who suffer from PTSD, medication alone will not solve the problem as it is but one of several strategies on dealing with post-deployment stress reactions.  However, there’s much more to treatment than just taking medication.

If you are considering or undergoing treatment for...
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Effects of PTSD on Family

Mar 05, 2014

Each year young men and women join the military to serve our great nation. They volunteer to leave behind loved ones, friends, and various obligations. Their duty places demands on them that test their character. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have made no exception to these tests. Life after a deployment presents the soldier with arguably the biggest test of all and that is adjusting back to the world...
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