Quality Through Qualities: Be Fulfilled


We want to offer hope and fulfillment to all of our clients.

Have you ever been to a doctor’s office and it felt like you were going through the turnstiles at the DMV or waiting in line at Walmart?  What if you could choose to have a better experience at the doctor’s office?  Would you?

Now, there are several great doctors and medical professionals out there, but the truth is that it’s easy to settle for accessibility and convenience, assuming “all doctors are the same.”  It’s kind of like the aphorism, “bad love is better than no love at all…,” but is it?

We’d like to advocate that the quality of people working in any industry comes down to what they believe.  In this, our fifth post for Quality Through Qualities, we are stating that Being Fulfilled is an important part of who we are and what we do.

Our philosophy at the PTI is to put people first because you deserve the best.  Therefore, each and every day we are committed to Being Fulfilled.  We do what we love and we show up 100% everyday because we’re fully engaged.  When people truly love the work that they do, it’s easy to tell.

We regularly have staff meetings where we ask ourselves, “how can we improve and give better service to our clients?”  Rather than coasting through work, we poke and prod: “Why not do things better?”  “Why not have a better organization?”  When we get together to talk about our team and the work that we do, we literally pound the table because we’re all engaged and passionate about helping others and giving them our best.  If there’s a litmus test that defines who we are, that’s it!

As our company grows, we’re committed to picking out the best staff who believe what we believe.  If we know what we believe in, then our clients know what they can count on when they come to us.  At the PTI, we have cultivated a passion for earning and keeping trust because it’s one of the key foundations for wholeness in any relationship or community.

Our job is our craft and we’re not interested in collecting paychecks, we’re interested in helping people achieve optimum health and satisfaction with their lives.  It’s easy to talk the talk and to throw out the buzzwords, but for us, the proof is in the pudding.  We recently put out a suggestion box so that our clients could give us feedback and help spur new ideas for our growth.  When we check it, it’s mostly positive comments like “we love it here because we feel like we matter,” or “thanks for being the first placed that actually helped us out.”  When we hear from you, that lets us know we’re on track.

The other week one of our new clients requested to speak to our executive director, who came out of a meeting not knowing what the client was going to say.  The client went on saying that he was reluctant to come in at first, but that everything fell into place from the time they first called the office, to the way paperwork was handled, all the way to being seen on time.  He said, “you don’t know how important that is to me.”  If it’s important to you it’s important to us.  The details matter because we know that being faithful with the little things is really a big thing.

When you go to the doctor ask yourself these questions: Do I feel valued and important?  Am I getting up-charged for basic services?  Is the staff indifferent or excited about me being there?  Do I know what I can count on when I go there?  When you come to the PTI, you know what you can count on and you can count on us!

We’re proud of our staff and the work that we do because the main thing is always going to stay “the main thing,” which is our clients feeling supported.  That’s a big deal, especially in the mental health world.  If you haven’t experienced the PTI Difference yet, consider giving us a call today.  Remember, the longest journey begins with a single step, and we’re ready to meet you right there and partner with you until you’re at your personal best.


PS  Happy Veteran’s Day and special thanks for all who have served and those who are still serving!