In order to limit the exposure and transmission of Covid-19, PTI will be exclusively doing tele-psychiatry (virtual) visits. You will still have your appointment, you will just have to do it with our Virtual Psych Network (VPN™). Contact us today to schedule your appointment.



We’d like to give thanks for our clients and our staff!

As the holiday season is quickly approaching we want to direct our focus on what truly matters. We live in a great country with many freedoms which allow us to pursue our dreams and move forward according to our own abilities.  That’s why we’ve opened our doors to serving the great state of Louisiana and those who need help with mental illness.  Below is a list of some of the things for which we’re thankful:

We’re thankful for our great staff.  We do our best to only bring onboard those who believe what we believe and are willing to bring forth their personal best in treating people right, regardless of their circumstances or condition.  Treating people right, putting them at the center of our “business model,” and making sure that each person is valued is the beacon towards which we travel every day our doors are open.  Without our staff bring their 100% everyday, we would not be making a difference.  Thanks to our staff upholding the vision of how we treat others, we’re not only able to keep our doors open for another year, but we’re able to open up more doors to those who need help in the Northshore community.

We’re thankful for a growing awareness of the challenges that come from mental illness in the various communities across America.  At the PTI, we seek to help raise that awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health issues so that someone who needs help doesn’t just become another statistic, but a valuable member of our family at PTI and of our community in Louisiana.

We’re thankful for technology and the ability to leverage it for the good of those who struggle with mental health issues.  Technology improves with every year and we strive to be on the forefront.  More exciting news is coming down the line in terms of technology for us in the coming months so stay tuned!

We’re thankful for our veterans and our servicemen and women.  Often misunderstood and poorly portrayed by the media at large, they have given up many of the freedoms which we hold dear in our day to day lives.  We respect and honor the sense of duty that many of our veterans and military servicemen and women uphold and are supremely thankful for their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their loved ones.

We’re thankful for all of our families and loved ones here at the PTI!  Without them, we could not provide the quality of service and stand up for our values on a day to day basis.  They are the solid foundation and bedrock that enables us to do what we do.


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