In order to limit the exposure and transmission of Covid-19, PTI will be exclusively doing tele-psychiatry (virtual) visits. You will still have your appointment, you will just have to do it with our Virtual Psych Network (VPN™). Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

VPN™ (Telepsychiatry)

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Our proprietary Virtual Psych Network™ (VPN™) allows us to connect with our patients both conveniently and securely.

VPN™ eliminates barriers and improves the level of access between patients and their providers. Our dependable network delivers outpatient services remotely and helps us fulfill our mission of providing exceptional mental healthcare to all. Each PTI psychiatrist is trained in telepsychiatry, allowing them to administer high-level care without physical contact. Using VPN™, people can interact with their doctor while riding a bus, on a break at work, or at home.
VPN™ psychiatric evaluations and medication management by board-certified psychiatrists (MD) help patients better manage and comply with treatments. Our patients experience a feeling of privacy and control without losing the personal touch of an in-person consultation with their mental health professionals. We provide telepsychiatry service through the VPN™ at no additional cost to patients, however, if you have private insurance, contact your benefits manager to see if your plan covers telehealth.

How does telepsychiatry through VPN™ work?

At the discretion of the treating professional, established patients connect with their psychiatrist through their smartphones, tablets, or laptops from a quiet, convenient location. Using the VPN™, a board-certified psychiatrist can conduct psychiatric evaluations and medication management, thus reducing the number of in-office visits for patients. Like an office visit, VPN™ provides a safe, private interaction between the patient and their provider

To deliver the best care possible, we ensure our patients and their treatment providers have established a solid foundation for their relationship before making telehealth services available. PTI offers telehealth services for our clients’ convenience and for working around today’s busy lifestyles. For more information on telepsychiatry, speak with your mental health professional.

General Instructions for Your Session:

  • Schedule your VPN™ session with a PTI client liaison.
  • Download the Zoom app.
  • Your PTI client liaison will send you a verification link to your phone or email.
  • Click the link, and within minutes you’ll be connected to your PTI psychiatrist.


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