Take a Pause

Lately it feels as if this country is in a state of constant turmoil. The breaking news jumps from one crisis to the next. Everyday issues become political and polarizing like never before, and with no end in sight.

However, you have options. You can work to identify your main stressors and take steps to alleviate them, steps that work best for you.

Things to try:

  • Talk to someone close to you about what bothers you
  • Focus on the things you enjoy most in life
  • Exercise regularly, be it taking up a sport or just walking regularly
  • Seek the help of mental health professionals


May we also recommend trying this:

Next time you find yourself worrying or complaining about the world around you, STOP and name three things you are thankful for. We think you will discover very quickly what’s really important.


The key is to take a step back, a pause. Don’t allow yourself to fixate on individual problems and stressors. We tend to forget the larger picture, the picture that includes our family and friends, our likes and loves, our fun and fortunes.

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