Post Trauma Institute Announces Rebrand to P.T.I.

The new brand and proprietary software strengthen the company’s focus and dedication to providing exceptional mental healthcare throughout the Baton Rouge area.

BATON ROUGE, La., Nov. 6, 2019 — Post Trauma Institute, a leading regional provider of mental and behavioral health services, today announced its official rebrand to P.T.I. (Percuro Transverto Instituo). The iterative change improves and better aligns the organization with its mission to serve Baton Rouge with the highest quality of behavioral and mental healthcare services.

PTI’s comprehensive offerings, combined with its newly released software tool and telepsychiatry-trained, board-certified psychiatrists, make it a compelling choice for anyone suffering from mental health-related issues to get the help they need. According to staff psychiatrist, Dr. Donna Westlake, “There are several social determinants that prevent patients from getting the help they need. Through our telepsychiatry service, we can have access to the patients that are looking for mental health services.”

Virtual Psych Network™ (VPN™), the company’s exclusive platform, provides an array of patient and provider communication features to help expand the reach and accessibility of PTI services. PTI will continue to develop this multi-functional network, assisting the local Baton Rouge area, one patient at a time. Focused on improving the local region with this new technology, PTI CEO, Lawrence Salone, says, “Nearly 40% of every community is impacted by mental illness.  We know that these numbers are under-reported because of the stigmas associated with mental illness. VPN™ allows us to reach people that would otherwise not have access to mental health service providers.”

The PTI logo brings a welcoming and experienced new visual identity, characterizing the brand as a stalwart of behavioral health services. PTI’s emphasis on providing the full spectrum of resources to their patients (both virtually and in-office), their commitment to healing through quality mental healthcare and their desire to look to the future of psychiatry are reflected in the company’s new namesake: Percuro–to heal; Transverto–to transform; Instituo–to establish.

About PTI
PTI is a regional mental health system that offers both in-person and virtual psychiatric and psychological services. Our model improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs. We also partner with municipalities and private businesses to improve organizational performance.

We live and work in the community we serve. Thus, we are committed to delivering patient care and experiences that facilitate the best possible clinical outcomes for our neighbors, family, and friends. For more information, please visit

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Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Phone: 225-751-5412