Post-Holiday Blues


Don’t let the holiday blues get the best of you!

With all the buildup leading to the holidays, visits from friends and family, phone calls, cards, and more, January can be a let down.  For many, it’s easy to isolate and “take it easy” after spending so much time, money, and social energy, however, that can be a trap.  

The key is to find and maintain balance, not reacting too much to the energy that you spent making things happen in the last month.

Tips For Finding Balance During The Holidays

  1. Keep a journal of how you’re feeling.  It could be as simple as comparing each day to the previous day–up, down, or same–and writing down a few goals you want to accomplish.  Cross off those goals as you do them.  The basic act of writing things down and crossing off lists helps to connect the left and right brain and actually produces good emotions.

  1. Go for a walk.  We say this all the time and it’s worth repeating.  Going for a walk can help clear the air as it’s easy to sit inside for the cold winter months.  Is it too cold or is the weather nasty?  Go to the mall where it’s nice and warm.

  1. Phone a friend.  Connect with someone that you didn’t see over the holidays and go out for a cup of coffee.  If being social is a struggle, maybe just make a phone call and reach out to someone.  If you’re feeling down, it’s OK to say so.  Alternatively, consider giving someone a call that you reconnected with over the holidays and see if you can turn that connection into a standing friendship.

  1. Do some arts and crafts.  Remember how you enjoyed drawing back in the day?  Or was it painting or writing poetry?  Dust off an old skill or pick out a new hobby.  Need some how-to books?  Check them out for free at the library.  Oftentimes, you can find free items on Craigslist that can be turned into crafty ideas.

As we’ve said before and we’ll say again, because it’s important: if you’re feeling down there are things you can do about it and you do have the power to change.  Much of those choices boil down to practicing coping skills, setting realistic goals, and taking small steps.  If you’re suffering from depression or any other type of mental illness, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help get you started on the right track for this New Year.