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Introducing Dr. Marjorie Person, Our Newest Team Member!

Dr. Marjorie Person

Dr. Marjorie Person

A few weeks ago we introduced Dr. Person, our new psychiatrist and, most importantly, our newest team member. Here at PTI we pride ourselves in getting the right people into the right positions. Our fundamental question when looking at a new team member is, “Do they believe what we believe?” Qualifications will get someone in the door, but getting to be a team member here means a lot more to us than someone who has the right credentials, says the right things, and has the right experience.

We believe that Dr. Person is the perfect fit for our team and we’re excited to have her with us! It was clear to us right off the bat that she believes in caring for people, practicing with compassion, and listening. It’s evident that one of the things Dr. Person is most passionate about is taking the time to listen to people to make sure they’re getting the help and treatment they deserve.

“I pride myself in listening to patients. I like to listen to their story and what they have to say. Sometimes in the medical profession, we get too caught up in, ‘hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.’ I don’t do that.”

Throughout her career, Dr. Person has been drawn to clients who are experiencing depression and anxiety as well as schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders. She’s especially drawn towards and has compassion for individuals experiencing their first episode of schizophrenia. Dr. Person understands that, “typically, individuals experiencing their first psychotic symptoms are young and it’s really scary for them. That’s when taking the time to talk and listen to the client is most important.” That’s also when getting the right diagnosis is really important to, and that’s really hard to do if you’re just spending 5-10 minutes with someone.

When we interviewed Dr. Person for this article, she mentioned that she’d recently seen a client who had been misdiagnosed as schizoaffective, but it was clear that they didn’t fit the criteria for that diagnosis by a long shot. We find that appalling and that’s one of the main things that drives us to serve our clients and to put them at the center of everything. Dr. Person also likes to take the time to educate her clients about their diagnosis and treatment plan. It’s clear that she believes in treating people with respect and that’s something we really appreciate about her.

Education and Stigma

It’s also clear that Dr. Person is passionate about educating both her clients as well as the greater community about stigma and its role in preventing access to healthcare for minority populations. Part of the problem is the medical community itself, where, sadly, “people aren’t given respect and they’re treating like they are an outcast.” We can’t go about helping people if we treat them negatively.

As an educator, Dr. Person has delivered a presentation in a variety of settings regarding mental health stigma in the African American community. There’s a long history in the medical community where people of color have received different diagnoses from white people with the same symptoms. There’s also a trend where people of color who have mental illness are often sent to jail rather than a psychiatric hospital where they can get the help that they need.

Why PTI?

When we asked Dr. Person about why she wants to work at PTI, she said that she loves the passion behind it and its drive to empower people. She loves that PTI strives to treat every person that walks through the door with respect and dignity and that PTI truly walks the walk.

Dr. Person is also excited about the positive energy and team atmosphere that surrounds PTI. “I like to have my voice heard and add my flavor to the mix… I like to contribute as a team member.” We welcome that type of energy from all of our team members because that’s just one of the ways in which we stay engaged and remind ourselves and each other why we’re here, so we can put our clients first.

What Would You Say To Someone Considering
Visiting PTI For The First Time?

“I know you’re thinking about it and probably have emotions and feelings wondering what other people may think and whether you should share it friends and family. If you need help, get the help. We’re here to help and tailor our treatment to your needs.” Over and over again, throughout our interview, Dr. Person emphasized how she likes to normalize going to the doctor for mental health. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s actually a very good thing. She knows, that it’s scary, especially when it’s your first time.

We’re truly honored and excited to be recognized as a mental health provider that cares for people and puts people first, especially by an accomplished and caring professional such as Dr. Person. We’re excited for her to join our team and to share her inspiration for serving the people that come through our doors. If you’re considering making that call, or email, we’d be honored if you trusted us with your care. If it’s your first time, we want to make it easy so that going to the doctor isn’t such an ordeal and we want you to know, more than anything else, that we’re here for you.

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