In order to limit the exposure and transmission of Covid-19, PTI will be exclusively doing tele-psychiatry (virtual) visits. You will still have your appointment, you will just have to do it with our Virtual Psych Network (VPN™). Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

How We’re Different

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PTI is built around the needs of our clients.

PTI is structured to provide most mental health services and treatment modalities in-house, which means you don’t have to drive across town for different doctors at different locations, and you don’t have to fill out the same paperwork over and over again.

We take your mental health and well being seriously. Our staff stays up to date on evolving technology and well-researched methods that may improve the treatment process. We utilize the best resources available in our treatment practice to make your care more convenient and efficient.

Client-Centered Service Is Our Secret

We believe in putting the needs of the person first. So, our client service experience is carefully designed to make you comfortable in your surroundings so you can focus on achieving your mental health goals. We strive to treat each person as a welcomed guest instead of a patient in a clinical facility.

PTI was initially started by veterans for veterans, but since has been expanded to serve everyone and anyone in our community who needs our help and care.  The four pillars of our mental health care treatment model are: evaluate, educate, rehabilitate, and reintegrate.  We don’t want anyone feeling like they’re on the outside looking in, so we strive to support everyone in living a full, healthy life connected with others as an important member and contributor to the community at large.

For us, “business as usual” is treating each and every person who walks through our door (whether they are a Service Veteran or not, and no matter what type of illness or condition they are living with), as if they are the most important person in our community.

From the top down, we are who we are because we believe in our mission and stick to our values.  We put the client at the center of our care model to best deliver on our promise: to remove barriers to delivering the highest quality of mental health care so our clients can live life on their own terms.

“Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine.”

~ Mario Fernandez

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