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Psychological Testing

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What is Psychological Testing?

A psychological test is an objective and standardized measure of a sample of behavior. We use a combination of techniques to help confirm a hypothesis about a person and their behavior, personality, and capabilities.

Types of Psychological Testing

  • Learning Disorder
    • Please note that some insurance companies such as Medicaid will not pay for educational testing or learning disability testing.
  • Mental Abilities (IQ)
  • ADHD
  • Employer Services
    • Pre-Employment Screening
    • Fitness for duty Assessments
    • Workers Compensation Mental Status Exams
  • Suspected Diagnosis Verification


What to Expect: The Testing Process


Initializing the request for testing

Filling out the testing intake form indicates the nature of your concern. We then verify whether your insurance benefits cover testing. In some instances, a pre-certification may be needed prior to beginning treatment.


Initial Appointment with Psychologist

Your psychologist will take the time to understand the nature of your concern. At this initial meeting your psychologist will initialize your diagnosis and determine the testing materials needed for the evaluation. The complete process will be explained at this time.


Insurance Pre-certification

PTI accepts several insurances (link to insurances accepted). The insurance company may require a prior authorization. A PTI representative will help you determine whether your insurance will cover testing prior to testing begins. If your insurance company does not cover testing you may be responsible for the cost of the test.  We will provide you with any information needed to assist with any appeals to your insurance company. Your PTI representative will make you aware of any cost to you prior to initiating testing.


Scheduling Your Testing Appointment

Your PTI representative will coordinate the best available time to meet with your psychologist and initial visit.  Most initial assessments take several hours.

What We Need From You

At times your psychologist may need to get feedback from others closest to you. This feedback needs to be returned within 10 days to expedite the proper scoring and diagnosis of your test. Materials not returned within 30 days will result in re-testing or a deferred diagnosis.

While PTI makes every attempt to accommodate our clients we do need your commitment to all scheduled appointments. Your commitment ensures we can respond to your needs in a very timely manner.

Once all testing materials are returned you will be contacted to schedule a follow up appointment with your psychologist to discuss the results. During this meeting your psychologist might suggest any treatment recommendations to include medication management, therapy, or other follow up care.


Psychological testing impacts adults, children, and employers.

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