It’s That Time of Year: School!

It’s a new school year for young “Ashley.” Like most parents, hers are out buying her school supplies, books, maybe uniforms or new clothes… But what more can her parents do to prepare Ashley to be the best that she can be while in school?

If they suspect that Ashley has physical difficulties that would hold her back, like trouble seeing text in a book or on the blackboard, they would of course take her to an eye care professional for expert testing.

If they suspect that Ashley has learning difficulties, like trouble understanding the text she is seeing or paying attention in class, they would of course take her to a clinical psychologist for expert testing.

Ashley’s parents have several options but they know that helping children like Ashley is what we do at PTI.

If you suspect your child is having learning difficulties, we are here for you both. Your child will be met by concerned, caring mental health professionals in a safe, clean, environment. We will then offer a vast array of psychological tests capable of identifying a variety of learning challenges, including difficulties with reading, math, writing, fine motor skills, language, hearing differences between sounds, and interpreting visual information, as well as other social factors that can affect learning behavior.

After analyzing the test results, we will identify treatments for any issues that may arise. We explain the test results in a family friendly environment and help build a plan of action around your child’s needs.

Why wait? It’s that time of year.

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Be the best parent you can be by helping your child be the best student he or she can be and live life on your own terms.

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