4 Approaches for Managing the Physical Symptoms of Severe Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can cause you to feel intense dread, stress, nervousness, and worry. In addition to these issues, severe forms of the condition often lead to physical symptoms, including sweating, elevated heart rate, and shortness of breath. Anxiety treatment can help you manage your disorder, but there are also some ways to manage the physical symptoms that may present themselves. Here’s what to keep in mind in moments of need.

How to Handle the Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

1. Use Affirmations

Anxiety begins mentally since it’s a disorder that comes from your thoughts. For instance, you may feel stressed about an upcoming social event to the point that you feel the physical manifestations of the condition take hold. You may then worry about how people will view you or judge you if they witness you lose control, which will worsen how you feel.

You can work on your thought processes by using affirmations. Anytime you have upsetting thoughts, counteract them with positive ones. For example, say, “I am okay,” “These physical feelings will soon pass,” or “I can attain a grip on my anxiety,” when you think about losing control.

Depositphotos 94546804 L Baton Rouge Louisiana Anxiety Treatment.u911qaw552. Give Your Mind Something to Do

Another way to handle anxiety’s physical aspects is to give your mind something else to focus on besides how you feel at that moment. Consider taking long, deep breaths and finding something in your environment to focus on, like counting all the objects around you that are your favorite color.

If the background is too overwhelming, close your eyes and do a little mental exercise. You can say the alphabet backward or sing the lyrics to your favorite song in a different tempo. Mental tasks can help you put your attention on something other than negative thoughts.

3. Find Safe Spaces

You don’t have to wait until you feel panicked to take action on your anxiety disorder. Many people feel the most anxious in public settings or around strangers. If you have to be away from the comfort of your home, look for a safe space wherever you are.

This should be someplace you won’t mind being should you feel physical symptoms, like a store dressing room or restaurant bathroom. When you know you have a safe place to go, your anxiety may not be as problematic.

4. Seek Anxiety Treatment

You don’t have to go through your ordeal alone. If your anxiety is severe enough to produce physical symptoms, it’s best to seek anxiety treatment from a mental health professional, which will help you develop effective coping mechanisms to improve your condition.


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