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Steven Naquin


Steven Naquin has over seven years experience of counseling individuals with a variety of diagnoses, including depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar, and schizophrenia.

Steven decided to be a counselor while earning his BA in psychology. At a young age he was inspired by a role model to believe in the good of others and to help others see themselves in that same light. It seemed to him that counseling was a profession that sought to meet this same goal.

Steven believes in client-centered therapy, where the counselor supports the client’s innate ability to create change and growth. He explores current stressors in light of patterns of beliefs and behaviors which, when addressed, not only give relief to current stress but also heal past wounds and support a client’s personal growth. 

When not at work Steven enjoys spending time with his wife and son at the park, the beach, or playing at home. He also likes to read philosophy and binge watch a good Netflix series. 

Steven grew up in Sulphur, LA and completed his undergraduate degree at McNeese State University in Psychology. He completed my masters degree in Community Counseling from Louisiana State University in 2012.


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