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Building A Successful Environment For Our Children To Learn

Sep 21, 2016

Have you ever wondered how you can best set your child up for success in school?  If you’re a parent, you’ve probably thought about it constantly since before your child was in school.

You may recall, in recent months, we published articles about learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD.  While we can test for those and get you results in a timely manner, most of those things are out of your control.

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When Things Get Tough…

Mar 09, 2016

Life always has its ups and downs. Sometimes it’s hard to keep your bearings with regard to what overall direction you’re heading when you have low visibility due to extreme fog or driving rain. Keeping a few things in mind will help you to weather the storm and come out still headed in the right direction on the other end. If mental illness is part of the picture of the “downs” and the “storms,” we realize that it’s that much harder to keep your bearings. Here’s a few tips to help maintain your inner compass when the storms come…

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Be Happy By Dealing With Conflict

Jul 29, 2015

Have you ever felt unheard in a relationship?  Have you ever been so embroiled in drama that you didn’t know how to sort things out?  It’s not easy dealing with conflict, and, truth be told, there’s not a whole lot of people who are good at it.  It’s worth the practice though to get good at dealing with conflict because it’s your happiness that’s on the line.  As...
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Using Art For Mental Health

Mar 11, 2015

 In last week’s post, we talked about removing the mask of mental illness and highlighted a veteran’s art program that encouraged returning service members to craft an artistic rendering of their mask.  This week, we’re going to throw out some ideas on ways to use artistic and creative expression as a coping skill.

The creative process itself is one the begins with motivation and, oftentimes, doing things when...
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Post-Holiday Blues

Jan 21, 2015

With all the buildup leading to the holidays, visits from friends and family, phone calls, cards, and more, January can be a let down.  For many, it’s easy to isolate and “take it easy” after spending so much time, money, and social energy, however, that can be a trap.  

The key is to find and maintain balance, not reacting too much to the energy that...
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Building Healthy Habits That Last

Dec 24, 2014

Imagine that every day for the last year you tucked away $1 into a secret hiding place.  Right now you would have over $300 to spend on whatever you wanted.  Building good habits is similar to this, only you might not have a shopping spree at the end of the year.  It’s making small sacrifices that lead to significant life changes, and, like dipping your finger into...
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