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Pre-Employment Assessment

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Hiring new staff is often challenging and risky for the employer. Questions arise such as: “How do I know this is the right person for my company? Will this person integrate well with their coworkers? Do they possess the characteristics necessary to excel in this position, and can they adapt to the unique demands of this workplace?”

Pre-Employment Assessment

Pre-Employment Assessments of a prospective hire can aid employers in addressing these concerns while gaining a more in-depth knowledge of their prospective employee. It’s important to identify the right long-term fit for your company before investments of time and resources are committed to bringing them aboard. Professional evaluation helps screen for candidates who appear to fit the job, but have characteristics that could cause complications and internal disruptions down the road. It can also provide insight into the need for a personalized career development plan for the candidate, while fostering recognition of the importance of a healthy workplace culture. Pre-Employment Assessments are designed to measure job readiness, learning capability, organizational skills, emotional response, leadership abilities, and much more. Through psychological testing, employers gain a comprehensive insight into the cognitive abilities and personality traits of potential employees that standard company interviewing processes can often miss.

The Pre-Employment Assessment process is straightforward and painless at PTI with these easy steps:

  1. The prospective employee is identified and interviewed by your organization.
  2. Upon deciding to take the next steps toward offering the candidate a position, your organization contacts PTI to schedule an evaluation at the candidate’s earliest convenience.
  3. Prior to your organization’s first referral for an evaluation PTI will review the national standards of this position at different institutes of related employment around the country, and in the surrounding local area. They will also engage in an assessment of the position itself with the organization requesting the evaluation.
  4. The candidate arrives at PTI on the scheduled date, and is evaluated by one of our psychologists.
  5. After the tests are complete, the candidate is free to go, and results will be submitted to the company’s HR department at the discretion of the employer.

Reduce the stress of hiring new staff members. Contact PTI for professional evaluation to improve both screening of prospective employees and positively impacting your organizational culture.

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