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Tracing Combat Stress Through History

May 29, 2014

Post Traumatic Stress is not a new experience pertaining to modern warfare in the War on Terror, however it can be traced throughout all of recorded history.  In this article, we’ll discuss some examples Combat Stress and PTS dating back to ancient history through the American Civil War.

History Of PTSD

There is evidence of PTS in historical literature going as far back as Ancient Greece, as documented by...
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Anxious for Anything?

May 22, 2014

I’m sure you’re familiar with the statistic that more people are afraid of public speaking than dying, meaning that they’d rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy.  Public speaking brings out the best in some of us and the worst in others, causing extreme feelings of vulnerability and the need to captivate and perform.  Sometimes a simple PRN (you only take it when you need it) medication...
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Words to Grow By

May 15, 2014

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “get out of your comfort zone?”  Hopefully the context was coming from a supportive friend or loved one and not peer pressure or manipulation.  I’m sure we can all come up with great reasons for intentionally choosing to be uncomfortable in order to achieve some gain.

The concept of comfort zone emerged in the mid 90’s, and puts language to how we make...
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PTSD Treatment: An Overview of Cognitive Therapy

May 08, 2014

Regularly implementing coping skills, confiding in significant relationships, and medication can be a big help in reducing or eliminating symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.  For many veterans who suffer from PTSD, medication alone will not solve the problem as it is but one of several strategies on dealing with post-deployment stress reactions.  However, there’s much more to treatment than just taking medication.

If you are considering or undergoing treatment for...
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Returning from Deployment and Common Stress Reactions

May 01, 2014

With the ever increasing awareness of veterans and service-members experiencing Post Traumatic Stress, it’s easy to overlook a simple and much needed observation: “almost all service members will have [stress] reactions after returning from a war zone.”  (Returning from the War Zone, DVA)

Not only are there extreme challenges and difficulties experienced while serving, returning home also has its own accoutrement of stressors.

Signs of Post-Deployment Combat Stress

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Point Positive

Apr 24, 2014

Have you ever been whitewater rafting before? One of the sayings on the river is always point positive. Communication is difficult over the raging waters and if two rafts are separated by any distance they won’t always be able to hear each other but they can see each other. As a result, paddlers use hand signals to tell each other where to go and where not to go. However, here’s...
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