In order to limit the exposure and transmission of Covid-19, PTI will be exclusively doing tele-psychiatry (virtual) visits. You will still have your appointment, you will just have to do it with our Virtual Psych Network (VPN™). Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

What to Expect

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Integrated Solutions in One Location: Screening & Assessment, Goal-Setting, Education, Treatment, Medication Administration & Management, Clinical Casework Services, Progress Tracking, and Results-Oriented Follow-up

When you come to PTI, you can expect to be engaged by a caring and compassionate team of professionals in a relaxed and friendly environment who are focused on your mental health needs.

Think about a balanced diet for a moment. Sometimes we need to trim the fat, or reduce carbs and sugars to find that sweet spot that works for us. We recognize that people often come to us because something is “out of balance.”  Stress, anxiety, and depression have a cascade effect into the rest of our lives and it reshapes our “normal”.

We may utilize a combination of medication and therapy modalities as needed in order to redefine normal into something healthier and happier. We also believe it’s important to educate clients about what’s happening, their treatment options, their role in their own success, and what to expect along the way… especially concerning medication if it’s part of the treatment process.

Although medication can be a part of the process by which a healthy mental state is achieved, we recognize that a pill is not a balanced, final solution.

During your treatment, we may bring in a team member to utilize a different therapy modality that will provide a more efficient and effective recovery process.  Or, when medication may be beneficial, we utilize up-to-date technology and genetic testing to help discover what types of medication will work best.

Whether it’s therapy, medication, or testing, we offer services under one roof, which means that balance happens much more efficiently, resulting in success that leads to more success.



“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

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