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Childhood ADD / ADHD

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While it’s normal for children to forget their homework, daydream, act without thinking, or get fidgety, inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity can be signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD).

Undiagnosed ADD / ADHD may lead to problems at home and school and affect your child’s ability to learn and get along with others. The first step in treating ADD / ADHD is getting your child the help they need and recognize the symptoms and signs of ADD / ADHD. If you’re concerned that your child is experiencing symptoms, have a talk with your pediatrician. If necessary, please give us a call.

Common Symptoms of Childhood ADD / ADHD May Include:

  • Has trouble staying focused; is easily distracted or gets bored with a task before it’s completed
  • Appears not to listen when spoken to
  • Has difficulty remembering things and following instructions
  • Loses or misplaces homework, books, toys, or other items
  • Forgets to bring homework/school papers home
  • Hyperactive and impulsive, but able to pay attention
  • Constantly fidgets and squirms
  • Often very disorganized
  • Moves around constantly, often runs or climbs inappropriately
  • Talks excessively
  • Has a quick temper
  • Interrupts others and says the wrong thing at the wrong time
  • Inability to keep powerful emotions in check

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